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“Fit to a T” the Ultimate Conditioning Experience from the Ultimate Baseball/Softball Conditioning Authority

What is Fit to a T?  No two conditioning programs are alike. If something "fits to a T" then it's perfect for your purpose and no one else.  Our 7-T system guides you to fit your program to a T to get your athletes fit to perform at their best.

What makes us the authority? Over 480 Articles 183 Authors for over 1 years!   Largest, Most Comprehensive Baseball-Softball Conditioning Library in the World. Official publication of the Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society of Major League Baseball.



-Fit to a T- Designing Your Own Conditioning Program Quick Starter Kit- using the 7-T system.

-Weekly updates putting our achieves to work for you on:

  1. Program design
  2. Baseball/Softball athletic skill development (improve hitting, pitching, base running; speed, power, durability, mobility, balance/stability).
  3. Resource center: baseball/softball-specific injury prevention, nutrition, training psychology sport medicine and science and much more.
  4. Softball Only-information specific to the softball player.
  5. Professional Baseball-information from MLB and minor league conditioning coaches.

-Access to our weekly updated library.

-One year subscription to Performance Conditioning Baseball/softball 6 issues, a $26.00 value FREE! (only available on the Do It for a Year package)


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