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“Fit to a T” the Ultimate Conditioning Experience from the Ultimate Volleyball Conditioning Authority


What is Fit to a T?  No two conditioning programs are alike. If something "fits to a T" then it's perfect for your purpose and no one else.  Our 7-T system guides you to fit your program to a T to get your athletes fit to perform at their best.

What makes us the authority? Over 650 articles from 261 authors for over 20 years!   Largest, Most Comprehensive Soccer Conditioning Library in the World.



-Fit to a T- Designing Your Own Conditioning Program Quick Starter Kit-All Levels of Play using the 7-T system.

-Weekly updates putting our achieves to work for you on:

  1. Program design
  2.  Soccer athletic skill development (situation and movement speeds, mobility/ability, speed/aerobic endurance, kicking power).
  3. Resource center: soccer-specific injury prevention, nutrition, training psychology sport medicine and science and much more.

-Access to our weekly updated library.

-One year subscription to Performance Conditioning Soccer 6 issues, a $26.00 value FREE! (only available on the Do It for a Year package


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