Performance Conditioning Volleyball Newsletter – Summer Sale 2021!

Twelve pages • six times a year • Item # VB 999

3 Month Subscription to the "Fit-to-a-T" Library a $49.95 value Free!

For over 25 years, serving Volleyball with latest conditioning information!
Now Featuring Top Collegiate and Club/High School Volleyball Conditioning Programs!
Brought to you in cooperation with the American Volleyball Coaches Association and USA Volleyball Sports Medicine and Performance Commission.

• The latest volleyball-specific information in this easy to use newsletter with charts and illustrations covering all 14 critical areas of volleyball conditioning including hitting harder, jumping higher and quicker court movement.

• Improve power, strength/stability, balance.

• Improve movement skills — flexibility, mobility, agility and footwork.

• How to convert better athletic skill to better volleyball skills.

• Learn what it takes to be a Volleyball Conditioning Specialist.

• Discover circuit training for adding variety to conditioning training.

• Learn simple field tests to measure your progress.

• Position-specific conditioning considerations.

• How to avoid injuries.

• Develop in- off- and pre-season programs that work.

• Special article coding system telling the appropriate training level based on a player's training age and event, indoors or out.

• Plus, special features on sports vision, nutrition, supplements, recovery methods, volleyball sports medicine, science and more!

PLUS Get the Elite Volleyball Conditioning Digest

• Interviews — In-depth looks at today's latest conditioning methods and why they are done.
• Questions and Answers — Most frequently asked questions about how the best train and why they train as they do.
• Favorite Exercises of the Stars and Coaches — Glimpses of conditioning-related exercises done by top volleyball players to improve their performance. Presented in detail.
• Scouting Reports — Learn what top coaches and player development experts look for when evaluating players. Plus, what a player needs to do to impress a coach, get noticed, and what areas they should work on.

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