Our mission is to improve athletic performance through the conditioning process.

This process includes providing training age specific educational information for the 14 areas of conditioning including: developing power, strength/stability, speed, agility, endurance, proper nutrition and recovery methods, testing, injury prevention and more based on proper planning, periodization and peaking for top level performance.

This mission is achieve through various means. PCI periodicals include: Performance Conditioning Baseball/Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, Cycling, Roller Sports and the USA Triathlon Perform Coaching Newsletter. These newsletters are published in cooperation with the specific sports national governing bodies and/or coaching associations. It has published 15 books and 15 electronic Conditioning Insta Kits© on sports specific conditioning and has developed the unique Home/Gym Workout Training Card System© for various sports. PCI is also a resource of sports specific conditioning posters, testing kits, books and videos offered by a wide variety of authors.

PCI is also involved in sports specific coaching education. It has established a Volleyball Conditioning Accreditation Program (V.C.A.P.) educational program in cooperation with USA Volleyball and 24 Hour Fitness launched March of 2005. For the USA Cycling Coaches Association it provides continuing education units through its Performance Conditioning Cycling newsletter and Off-bike Learn and Earn Clinic©
Current being developed are DVDs that show proper exercise techniques.

Ken Kontor

CAE, C.S.C.S.- President of Performance Conditioning Inc.

Ken Kontor is founder and president of Performance Conditioning Inc. His company is the world’s largest single source of sports-specific conditioning information. Among the educational resources provided are Performance Conditioning Volleyball, Cycling and Soccer newsletters now in their 14th year of publishing and 15 sports-specific conditioning books and training card systems. He is a founding member of the USA Volleyball Sports Medicine and Performance Commission and was instrumental in the establishment of the Volleyball Conditioning Accreditation Program (V.C.A.P.) curriculum offered through the USA Volleyball Coaching Accreditation program. Among his contributions to this program was writing the curriculum.

He has established the Off-bike Conditioning curriculum promoted by USA Cycling. In the past he has worked with USA Roller Sports and USA Triathlon producing conditioning specific newsletters.

Prior to the establishment of Performance Conditioning Inc., Mr. Kontor was a founding father, executive director and publications editor of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) for 14 years an organization of over 16,000 sport conditioning professionals.

He was an original member of the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist committee that established the internationally recognized C.S.C.S. credential. He has traveled extensively throughout the world including the former Soviet Union, East Germany and the Leipzig Institute of Sport, Hungary and Bulgaria with the purpose of introducing their strength and conditioning methods to the NSCA membership. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Inc. and the National Strength and Conditioning Association of Japan. He has lectured extensively on the conditioning of athletes throughout the world.